I’ve jumped ship

As of this morning the new website for Matthew Lewis Displays went live, well its just a new look as the contents in the same. The original site was designed by Fiona Leigh which I was very pleased with, there was nothing wrong with it so I have insisted the content remain the same. Fiona got me involved with Blogging and over the past 4 years I have been an avid blogger learning the secrets of wordpress. I decorated Fiona’s wedding and in return she built me a new site, fares fare so no problem there then but if I need something changing I could not really ask Fiona.

Jim Drury as you know designed Special Occasion Foils and the yet to be release http://www.printingonballoons.co.uk and gave me the idea that if I moved my original site from a website format to a blog style website then I could do all the alteration myself, so here it is. Its fresh and up to the minute, my blog is embedded inside and I have full control

Feel free to take a tour,www.matthewlewisdisplays.co.uk

This blog will now stop but you can follow the new blog featured on the home page of the new site  ( news)

See you all on the other side, Matt



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Balloon Printing

Something new is about to hit the web and should make your life much easier when requiring printed balloons… ! check it out here

The site is still under construction but its only a matter of weeks so why not sign up and be the first to know when it goes live

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The Qualatex Event 2011, The Very Best Event

It was one of the best weekends I have ever had, I worked hard, I put faces to names, I laughed, I made new friends and customers and it was all down to Qualatex for hosting the 2011 Qualatex Event at Haythrop Park Hotel, Oxfordshire England.

This event is held every 5 or 6 years at a considerable cost to Qualatex (Pioneer Balloon Company) but no matter what the cost the event is a 110% successful and strengthens the bond between the Qualatex brand and balloon professional from all over the world.

I am only a small part of this event offering a unique print service on the these Qualatex balloons, both foil and latex but I am still made to feel part of the amazing family. Every member on the Qualatex team ether staff of instructors makes this event so memorable and each adds their own personal touch.

For those of you who took part in the sculpture competition , WELL DONE. The standards and the attention to detail very high. For those of you whom I had the pleasure of meeting I hope I made you laugh and for those of you who know me know I have a wacky sense of humour and don’t I just love Champagne, either mine or someone else.

For those of you who are reading this blog and are not involved in the balloon industry and are finding it hard to understand my passion for this then the pictures below should explain everything, enjoy…..

The Saturday night fancy dress party was a huge success and I can assure all you ladies I have had strong words with Captain Jack Sparrow and can tell you he has been reprimanded. (Who does he think he is, would not catch me acting like that). The Gala Ball on the Sunday night was a black tie affair and I only think it correct to apologise now to all the guests on table 11 as I can assure you all I did not mean to knock over the bottles of red and white wine, break champagne flutes and smash coffee cups and can only think that Mr Sparrow had rubbed of on me. (He’s a bad lad)

All calm on table 11 prior to me juggling the wine bottles.

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Qualatex Taper Foils

18 Qualatex taper foils, 9ft of liquid silver material and you can create quite a focal point.

Stage Decor at the Bodies & Co charity fashion show 2011

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Hot off the press

The new trade balloon printing price list is now being printed ready for distribution at the Qualatex event which starts this Saturday. The list is now 10 pages and consists of latex balloon printing on 11″ through to 36″ latex , foil balloon printing on 18″, 20″ and 36″ foils, Special Occasion Foils, disposable cylinder packs and balloon race labels. Be the first to get your copy at the Qualatex event.

Hot off the press

The price lists are digitally printed on a Konica Minolta Bizhub. The machine has a separate finishing attachment which collates all the pages, stitches and folds into a finished A4 booklet. All we have to do is trim the open end. The machine will print  1 copy and every 60 seconds so should get them all completed by close of trade tomorrow.

See you all on Saturday

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36 inch printed latex and the Qualatex Event

In 4 days time over 500 professional balloon companies will descend on Haythrope Park in Oxfordshire for The Qualatex Event and as one of the exhibitors there we are flat-out here putting the final touched to the new price list and sample prints. New for this year is the 36″ latex balloons with a single or multi-colour print and orders start from just 2 balloons for a single colour print, 5 balloons for a 2 colour print and 10 balloons for a 3 colour plus print.

Make sure you come and see us and get your new 2012 price list

Qualatex 30" pearl silver latex with a 2 colour print

36" Prl silver latex with a single colour print

36" Prl silver latex with a single colour print

36" Pearl gold latex with a black print

See you all at the bar on Saturday night

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Special Occasion Foils, The next step

I have just added 5 recipe / job cost forms to the Special Occasion Foils web site. Each recipe comes with a full colour picture and a list of all the stock required to make each design. They are all in PDF form for you to print off or down load. Each sheet will allow you to cost out each design and add you sale price. Good luck and have fun. www.specialoccasionfoils.co.uk

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