Qualatex Calendar 2012

So there I was last night enjoying a cheeky beer at home just before dinner and checking my Blackberry for recent email and to my astonishment I read this…..

Dear Matthew,
Please see the attached letter regarding the 2012 Qualatex Calendar. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.


Amanda Dolechek
“Balloon Images” editor
Pioneer Balloon Company
Wichita, KS  USA

So I click on the attachment and to my amazement I read this….

October 19, 2011

Matthew John Lewis, CBA

Matthew Lewis Displays

Coventry,United Kingdom

Dear Matthew,

Congratulations! A photo of your work (below) has been selected to be included in the 2012 Qualatex Calendar. Your credit will be listed on the photo, and to thank you for your contribution, we will mail you 10 complimentary calendars once they’ve been printed.

Also, please let us know if any of your contact information above has changed, so we can make sure the proper credit appears on your photo.

Congratulations again, and feel free to continue sending us photos of your work!

All the best,

Amanda Dolechek, CBA

Now I know which picture it is but I’m not going to spoil the surprise, you will all have to wait until December when the Qualatex 2012 Calendar is ready but one question needs to be answered…

“Will I be Mr June or Mr July”

Answers on a postcard please.

PS, Thank you Qualatex

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Test Blog

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Latex balloon printing. Double side print, same design both sides

The new latex balloon printing machine has really speeded up the process here at Matthew Lewis Displays. What would of normally taken 3 – 4 days to print can now be done in a single day and not forgetting the added advantage of 2 colour print. No matter what you throw at the machine it will print at a steady pace of 1000 balloons per hour.

The new trade price list will be launched at the Qualatex Event at Haythrop Park Resort on the 5th, 6th & 7th November but for those of you who want to know how balloons are printed then just watch the short video below.


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My balloons don’t float

When a customer tells you that the balloons she has purchased of the internet won’t float when filled with helium alarm bells start to ring. We asked her to bring the balloon in and said we would try to help. She was right, when filled will helium they did not float, they were 18″ foils just like any other foil, so what went wrong.

See picture below


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2 Colour Printed Balloons

The new balloon printing machine arrive a few weeks ago but news has already spread amongst the balloon industry. I have just put the finishing touches to the new trade and non trade price list so should be able to get that printed ready for the Qualatex Event in November but despite that the machine has more than paid for its self over the past few weeks racking up about 25000 printed latex.

Today's print jobs ready for dispatch

The machine will handle 1000 balloons per hour either single side, double side or  2 colour print

There is also something new on the horizon but that’s another Blog.

Watch this space

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Exploding Balloon Wall

Back in November 1994 I took on a challenge that took my company to new heights, Exploding Balloon Walls. Now these were not new ideas it was just you never heard about many of them. My client wanted me to reveal a new drug logo but was very specific about what they wanted and the theme of the conference was “Mission in Protium” and the sound track would be  Mission Impossible.

This was to be one of the most nerve-racking jobs of my life. Now it was not my first balloon wall, I had done several prior to this and they usually consisted og about 10 – 12 large 36″ latex balloons to reveal a disco or small logo. But this one was different as we needed to reveal the entire stage set and logo so the wall needed to be BIG. I did my working out and estimated I would need about 80 x 36″ latex balloons all sized to 32″.

The entire wall was built by Myself & Dave Saker,  Nick Thompsett did all the wiring and pyros and took 8hrs to build . We also had to rig 20 exploders in the ceiling each filled with 100 x 5″ balloons and 5000 pieces of flutter to be detonated at the end of the conference.

So in brief it was blow the set up at the start of the conference and make a mess at the end. Enjoy the video.

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Qualatex 24 inch Funky Heart Deco Bubbles with flashing strobe wand

The 24″ deco bubbles from Qualatex have given the balloon industry another new lease of life and with the addition of the strobe wand you can really set the WOW Factor and win the heart of any bride.

24" Deco Bubbles set the atmosphere at the Heart of England Event Centre




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