Two Burgers and Chips was more expensive that my return train ticket to London

I had to go to London yesterday for a sight survey, its and outside job and it’s on Oxford Street. The last time I went to London was at the beginning of September to do another sight survey for yet another outside job, I arrive at Coventry Station got my train ticket with was £140.00 since I was returning on the same day before 7pm so this time I thought I would play it safe and return after 7pm, £38.00 return, bargain and beats driving. I caught the 11.29am Virgin Train to Euston which arrived at 12.20pm, not bad well under the hour, got the tube to Oxford Circus, found a cafe bar and supped a skinny latte and watched the world go by. At 2pm I meet up with my client we talked shop, has a few more lattes did the site visit and all over and done by 4pm. Now I could not catch my return train to Coventry untill after 7pm so we went for a meal and ended up at The Rain Forest on Shaftesbury Avenue in the West Ends. I looked at the menu, it was OK but nothing jumped out at me so I opted for a burger and chips and so did my colleague. Burger and Chips twice £27.00, Side of Onion Rings( that’s 2 rings ) £1.45, a pint of Magners which turned out to be a bottle of Magners £4.60, a G &T £4.35 and a coffee at £2.50, TOTAL £44.89 and my verdict on the meal” McDonald’s is better”.

The burger was tasteless, the bun was burnt and I wished they had told me about the cocktail stick in the middle of it holding it together as they bloody hurt when you munch down on them. The slice of tomato on top of the burger was bigger than the burger and as for the yellow melted stuff I think that was cheese but could have been mustard. Now for the chips, they were warm-ish and were served in a small white dish and I think there were about 25 chips in all. The relish (Tomato Sauce) was in a little white paper cup on the side just like at McDonald’s, and there was no salad and no coldslaw. It was a complete ripoff but wait there’s more, if you add all those prices at the top together it totals £39.90 not £44.89 so looking back on my receipt I see they have taken the liberty to add £4.99 service charge, how nice of them, all they had to do was bring it to the table, I had the painful bit, I had to eat it.

So next time you feel hungry and fancy a burger have a curry


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We are a small balloon company based in Coventry. We specialize in balloon decoration and balloon printing. We have our own balloon printing machines & print on Qualatex latex balloons from 9" to 36" as well as 4ft & 5.5ft Chloroprenes in single colour and foils balloons from 18" , 20" and 36" in multi colour. We also have a full digital print arm to the company supplying business stationary and balloon race labels. As for me I'm self motivated, love my job and private life. Im married to Traci, have two children Joshua (Josh) and Harriet (Harribo) and two dogs, Midnight is a black Labrador and Zara is a black shaggy coated Labradoodle. My main hobby is fishing which I find very relaxing and I can be found with a rod in my hand most Sundays (Weather permitting). I also run a quiz every Monday evening in the pub I live next door to raising money for SANDS My balloon decorating career started many moons ago in 1989. I was introduced to Qualatex balloons just after that, passed my CBA in 1994 and have never looked back since. My work has taken me length and breath of England and into Europe working on large scale decor at Euro Disney in Paris and as well as Alacante in Spain and more recently appearing on the hit TV show "Idiot Abroad" staring Karl Pilkington & Warwick Davis on location in Macedonia for the 3rd and final series. My passion for balloons and balloon decoration continues to grow and I am a great believer that to be the best you need to use the best so Qualatex are my first and only balloon I use for large scale WOW factor decor. Their education and training are second to none and their vast array of products tick all the right boxes in the creative juices department.
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